Texas Gulf Coast Oyster Maps

Greater Galveston Bay Oyster Maps
There are two ways to view these maps:

Method 1 (non-GIS) : This method involves selecting an area from an overview map and then selecting one of four available maps for that area. The selected map will be displayed in your browser as a JPEG image, and depending on the browser you are using, you should be able to zoom and pan the image. Note that you will only be able to view a single image at one time with this method. You can use your browser back arrow to back out and select additional images if desired. This method contains active code used to display pop-up messages indicating the underlying area. Your browser may put up a message that it is blocking potentially dangerous content - if so, you should click on the message and allow the code execution.

Method 2 (GIS) : This method will launch a GIS application which will display the entire Galveston Bay Complex, and provide the standard GIS tools for navigation, zooming, etc. There are actually four separate GIS applications from which to choose, one for each different map content.

Other Area Oyster Maps (non-GIS)

Other Oyster Maps : You will be presented with a series of map 'thumbnails' with descriptions below each. Click the desired map. You may click eiher the map thumbnail or the text link below the icon.

Lavaca Bay Oyster Maps (GIS)
Lavaca Bay Oyster Maps : This is a GIS application. The Identify tool will provide information on individual areas, such as substrate, area, etc.

GIS Oyster Maps of Corpus Christi, Galveston, and Port Lavaca Bays
Hazards, Environmental, Biologic, and Submerged Lands

Critical Areas of Galveston Bay
Environments & Biologic Corpus Christi
Environments & Biologic Galveston
Environments & Biologic Port Lavaca
Submerged Lands Corpus Christi
Submerged Lands Galveston
Submerged Lands Port Lavaca

Bibliography Access to All Oyster Maps

List of all oyster maps with links to summary descriptions (bibliography) as well as to individual maps.