Greater Galveston Bay Oyster Maps

Texas Coastal Erosion Data Network

Bouy 53 to Bull Hill Bouy 53 to Smith Point Bouy 75 to Redfish Island Cedar Bayou to Umbrella Point Eagle Point to Red Bluff Green's Cut to Offatt Bayou Pelican Island to Texas City Red Bluff to Morgan Point Shell Island to Green's Cut Sievers Cove to Stingaree Cut Stingaree Cut to Rollover Bay Texas City to Eagle Point Umbella Point to Double Bayou

This map is an overview of the Greater Galveston Bay Complex, and a 'front end' for access to individual maps that are available. To use this front end, move the mouse around the map. An information window will pop up from which you may select one of four maps for the area.

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