About the Texas Coastal Erosion Data Network

Web-based Resources

  1. Electronic searchable website

  2. Service

    1. Full-time staff to answer questions

    2. Borrowing privileges of collection for remote patrons

    3. Public/data locator for finding difficult to locate material

  3. Bibliographies

    1. Academic and Gray Literature Publications

      • Coastal Geology: Texas, Gulf Coast, Barrier Islands, Estuaries and Deltas

      • Coastal Engineering

      • Geotechnical Engineering-related to coastal Issues

      • Texas Bureau of Economic Geology Pubs

  4. Projects and Reports

    1. CEPRA Reports - digital format

    2. TGLO Engineering Reports and Projects

    3. Coastal Management Program- reports and projects

  5. Web Links

    1. Libraries - GBIC, TAMUG, TAMU, UT, Rice and other Libraries

    2. State Agencies and programs - TGLO, CMP, CEPRA, TBEG, TPWD, River Authorities, TNRIS

    3. Federal Agencies - USACE, EPA, NMFS, MMS, USGS, NOAA

    4. University Websites - Rice University; Conrad Blucher Institute- TAMUCC; TAMUG-LOER, TAMU-GERG, TAMU-Sustainable Margins

  6. Future Plans

    1. Meta Data Clearing House Node

    2. GIS (Geographical Information Server)

    3. Electronic/Physical collection

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